Blue Panda Realty believes that team bonding activities improve workplace projects that involve teamwork. Team building and bonding, help bring employees together to form a better understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. We gathered the team together to share with you their individual thoughts on this topic and we asked them the following questions:

1. Why do you think team bonding/ retreat events are important in a company?
2. If you could sum up Blue Panda Realty into one word, with an explanation?

“1. Team bonding is vital in creating a fun, inspiring office environment. Spending quality time with your colleagues outside of the office helps to ensure that every member of the team feels appreciated and cared for, which then leads to a more creative, enjoyable work atmosphere.

2. If I could sum up Blue Panda Realty into one word, I would describe is as INSPIRING. Not afraid to stand out in the crowd, and to think way outside of the box. Those qualities inspire me to be more fearless, and to find more creative ways to help my clients and to run my business. Irina Popova”

“1. Bonding amongst team members is critical to a team’s success as a group but also generates learning and growth amongst team members as individuals. As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and opportunities for bonding outside the normal work environment is a key ingredient for organizational success.

2. In one word, I would describe Blue Panda as ORIGINAL. The nature of the personalities of the team and the mix of these personalities and skill sets create an incredible force that is unique in the market place. Michael Gennis”

“1. Team retreats are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in today’s corporate world. I think this is due, in large part, to our improved understanding of the kind of work environments that lead to: increased productivity, innovative thinking, and overall work satisfaction. People thrive when they feel valued, cared for, and when they are committed not only to their own success but the success of a team. Retreats give employees the green light to take a time out, reflect, replenish and return with renewed perspective and motivation. Most importantly, they are opportunities to HAVE FUN. It is no secret that real estate can be an extremely stressful job. Even in your “spare time,” you are always on call with one eye on your inbox. Taking a break from the daily grind is paramount in avoiding burnout and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

2. If I had to describe Blue Panda Realty in one word, I would use FEARLESS. In business, there are those who create models and those who adopt models. Blue Panda is not afraid to be a trailblazer and to take chances. In an industry that is constantly changing, it is important to be willing to test new ideas, to push boundaries, and to find creative ways to remain fresh and relevant. At Blue Panda, we understand that not every idea will be a good one or a successful one… But because we are bold enough to try our hand at just about anything, we often stumble upon new and undiscovered ways to be more successful. I’m very proud to be a part of a company that isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Lisa McNamara”

“1. I believe team bonding And retreat events are integral in building a successful team. This is a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zones and get to know everyone on a more personal level. I think we can create a fun loving and supportive environment for everyone on the Blue Panda team. It’s about learning as much as we can about each other and create a better understanding of each individual on a deeper level. These types of bonds will serve us well in the future growth of this amazing brokerage we are all a part of.

2. If I could describe BP in 1 word I would say “dynamic”. We have amazing individuals in place, a ton of energy and the will to succeed. This in itself is a recipe for success. We make bold moves and we deliver. Other agents in the industry will recognize us as a force to be reckoned with, there is no doubt in my mind. Bryan Nadeau”

“1. Why do I think team bonding/retreat events are so important? Primarily because in the end they bring people closer together. With an industry such as real estate I believe team bonding is paramount to the success of the team. It’s easy to get distracted with day-to-day activities and everyone is so focused on providing the best service possible for their clients. In doing so, sometimes team bonding is put on the back burner! Team bonding events devote some time to get caught up and grow together as a team.

2. Tough question…. I could think of several one words replies, however I think “unique” is a word I could use to describe BPR. Honestly, after being with a few bigger franchise brokerages, you quickly discover that Blue Panda is in a lane by it’s self. Seriously, there is nothing like it in the city! It offers a family oriented environment where everyone is trying to help each other and the vision the owner (Max) has for the company is unique and will set the bar as being the standard for real estate in Ottawa. Eric Charron”

“1. I think team bonding and retreat events are fundamental ingredients in building a successful and dynamic work environment. Having the opportunity to get to know colleagues on a more personal level outside of work can help strengthen not only existing friendships, but gaining a deeper understanding of a individuals working style and what we can do to help them to succeed.

2. INSPIRING. That’s how I would describe Blue Panda to anyone who asked me. Being able to work somewhere that is thinking outside the box in an industry that is known for “cookie cutter products/services” is amazing. Not only are we pushing the envelope on how real estate should be done, we also have the most unique team members in the city who push each other to be creative in every aspect of their respective business’. Nicholas Crouch”

“1. I believe these events are crucial to any company, it helps build trust between our colleagues we see everyday. It takes us out of our day-to-day routine and provides us with a new template to grow as a team.

2. Motivating: It’s inspiring coming into the office and being surround by a driven group of individuals, fully enjoying what they do everyday. Witnessing this type of work ethic keeps me fully motivated to continue learning and progressing as a Realtor. Steve Peippo”

“1. Anything that has to do with business and colleague relationships can get foggy if you don’t take the time to engage in other activities than office meetings and lunches etc… As humans, we generally become more creative and enlightened nurturing relationships. Engaging with our work family and friends outside the workplace helps us grow. We can all learn from each other and should always take the time to make it happen. It’s good to get personal.

2. PARADISE. Great people and a great environment. There are no boundaries, walls, or fears at Blue Panda. Everyone is completely unique which makes it a playground for growth and new adventures. Greg Campbell”

“1. Retreats like this allows the team to bond outside of the real estate world. Of course, during the trip, there will be time to brainstorm for future professional ventures, but what we are most looking forward to is enjoying the property and the city together. We are lucky to have the chance to enjoy such an amazing space with amazing people!

2. One word: Progressive. All facets of our business culture are tailored to a forward thinking approach. We are always experimenting with new ideas and our clients definitely appreciate this progressive spirit! Adam Barbu”