The Chateau Laurier has always been a pinnacle of fine dining and accommodations, and its newest addition does nothing if not continue the trend of subtle refinery.

La Terrasse is an outdoor patio restaurant, featuring a sweeping view of the Ottawa river, the Parliament buildings, and the picturesque Gatineau hills; providing a tranquil and delightful escape from the busy city streets.

But the fantastic view is only the first course in this luxurious experience. La Terrasse offers a menu filled with variety, including many options for charcuterie, salads, seafood, steak, and uniquely imaginative desserts. There is also a substantial choice of cocktails, varying from custom drinks, to the classics, to an impressive wine list to coordinate perfectly with your meal.

La Terrasse is quickly becoming the perfect spot for an evening out, whether with a date, family, or friends. It’s definitely an experience you’ll want to enjoy before the warm weather comes to an end.

Address: 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7


Written By: Grace Mahaffy