Real Support

At Blue Panda, we’re closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 with careful attention to the safety of our clients, agents, and staff.

To our existing and future clients: Even as we implement necessary social distancing measures to help reduce the community spread of the virus, we remain here for you. As a society, we are beginning to rethink how we engage with one another and at what measure of proximity. While this period of transition requires cautious adjustment, we refuse to lose sight of our true purpose as a brokerage: to provide an infrastructure of support to our clients.

As the Government of Ontario recently announced, real estate is indeed an essential public service. It may not be business as usual – but for us, it’s still business. We are constantly reviewing ways to provide meaningful support and respect the guidelines set by our local, provincial, and federal health officials.

Market conditions will inevitably shift. In response to a quickly evolving situation, our priority is to ensure that our clients remain proactive, optimistic, and energized. You should be in a position to act with precision and confidence when the time is right.

At Blue Panda, we want to flatten the curve and, at the same time, ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Below is a summary of key services we offer, specifically tailored to meet the demands of today’s market. Please be in touch with your Blue Panda agent to learn more about steps we are taking to prepare for the next chapter.


Diligent Market Research

Information sharing lies at the heart of our services. We will be providing clients with summaries of daily, weekly, and monthly local market statistics. Our team of researchers will organize data, identify and interpret trends, mark discrepancies, and highlight emergent opportunities. Access to intelligent and adaptive research is an essential component of a listing strategy built for the future.


Home Improvement Consulting

This period of transition offers the perfect opportunity to take on minor-yet-crucial home improvements that may have been put off due to lack of time. Most tradespeople and designers are unavailable for in-person work, but that shouldn’t be reason to hit pause. We offer free consultation services to help you maximize your return on investment. Now may be time to declutter the basement, paint the baseboards, refresh the living room decor, or install the newest and best in smart home technology.


3-D Tours On Demand

At Blue Panda, we’ve invested in equipment that allows our agents to create beautiful, interactive marketing content with great efficiency. Given recent calls for increased social distancing, professional photographers and videographers may be unable to physically visit your home. To account for this challenge, our 3-D Tour camera creates interactive virtual reality walkthroughs, along with a series of automatically-generated, high quality photographs. The shoot can be administered directly by your agent with no added hassle, providing potential buyers with a quality, professional-grade visual reference of the property you can be proud of.



Client Protection and Contingency Planning

Our office has developed a list of standard rules and procedures to protect active clients. We have worked closely with legal experts to develop a list of custom clauses and conditions for all rental and purchase agreements, as well as a set of mandatory disclosure documents to mitigate risk wherever possible. In addition, our agents are working carefully to ensure that the vast majority of all interactions are digital, and that paperwork is being managed digitally.


Ongoing Training and Support

We are social distancing without slowing down. While the COVID-19 outbreak has forced others to put work on pause, we are using digital technology to carry out our regular office operations. Our weekly meetings will resume, and we will continue to program training events hosted by our network of local experts. We refuse to be stagnant. The Blue Panda team is always communicating and collaborating to ensure we offer our clients with the resources to succeed in any market. In times like these, we strive to provide more support than ever.

Disclaimer: This article was published on March 26, 2020. We acknowledge the fact that news surrounding COVID-19 changes daily. For the most up-to-date information, please consult your local health officials.