For Teri, home is where the army sends you. Living in different provinces and attending multiple schools
taught her the importance of establishing relationships and lasting impressions. This enate ability to
connect with people carried over into her career in rehabilitation for the last 14 years working at the
Kingston General and Queensway Carleton Hospital. Teri was also a Personal Trainer at the Goodlife
motivating and guiding women in making changes in their personal and fitness endeavors. The
transition into real estate is the perfect blend of being able to assist people in the next chapter of their
lives. If you are looking for someone reliable and attentive, Teri is just that. Being a mother to a
beautiful 9 year old daughter, Teri is heavily involved in volunteering at her school and sporting events
and incorporates activities during the holidays of giving to other children who are less fortunate to teach
her daughter the importance of thinking of others. Being a client of Teri’s is not just purchasing a home,
it is an experience.


2007- 2008 In home personal training business for stay at home moms

2011-2013 Personal Training Specialist and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Instructor

2006- 2018 Rehabilitation Assistant- Queensway Carleton Hospital

2016/2017- Champion of Care Queensway Carleton Hospital


Spending time with her daughter, running, yoga, hiking, reading, cooking


Personal trainer & fitness instructor

12 years as a Rehabilitation Assistant