Tanya Cummings-Miller

Tanya Cummings-Miller

Tanya was born and raised in Orleans, Ottawa and is a proud Franco-Ontarien. After high school she graduated as a Dental Hygienist and worked in the dental industry for 8 years. Meanwhile, she and her brother built a successful business within the Network Marketing industry for 10 years. Her true passion is food! Tanya is a total foodie to the point that she started her own company with her good friend in order to further develop her skill. However, real estate has always felt familiar and she and her partners (brother David and good friend Andrée) felt that this is where their career was naturally heading. 

Tanya is a first-time mom to a little boy, Jacob and happily married to her husband Kevin. She definitely understands the importance of having a good work ethic, time management skills, juggling a career as well as being a mom. She likes making people around her feel comfortable. Having a positive attitude as well as being genuine, humble, and most importantly not forgetting to have some fun is her key to building long lasting relationships!

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2004-2006-Graduated with a diploma in Dental Hygiene.
2006-2014- Worked for different practices as a Dental Hygienist.
2009-2019-Worked and traveled for 10 years within the network marketing industry and built a solid international business with thousands of customers across North America, Europe and Latin America.
2016-2019-Opened a meal delivery service company called Kitchen Sisters.

Personal Hobbies

Family and friends
Good food and music
Good conversation
Walks with my puppy Gary

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