Whoever said, “great minds think alike” had it all wrong. Great minds think differently—that is precisely what makes them great.

As part of the rebirth of 129 Main Street, The Properties Group set out to collaborate with various companies who were each pushing the envelope in their respective industries.

We are very proud to announce all the innovative and forward-thinking teams who are working together to bring 129 Main Street to life.


The Properties Group has an impressive 50 years of experience across Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area. They are committed to providing exceptional quality and value to the future residents of 129 Main Street by employing a collaborative and strategic management approach


Roderick Lahey Architecture (RLA) boasts an architectural style that is fashionable yet timeless. The company has more than 20 years of experience in designing, planning, and building communities in Ottawa. The RLA team is made up on experienced, comprehensive and powerful architects, designers, and craft specialists.


Blue Panda Realty is a boutique-style real estate brokerage that caters to a growing demographic of progressive Ottawans who value unparalleled client service, distinctive design, and technology. With many condominium projects under their belt, Blue Panda Realty was chosen to represent this development, and assist with sales, marketing and client relations.


Iron △ Ivory interior design firm is a collaborative environment dedicated to creating visions of the highest caliber. With a head office in Ottawa, ON and a satellite office in Toronto, ON, Iron △ Ivory is recognized as a national and international working firm in commercial and residential design.


Bassi Construction is renowned for their excellent work ethics and the special relationships they have forged over its past 55 years of business. Bassi has successfully completed numerous commercial and residential communities and office buildings across Ottawa.

We will be releasing regular blog updates with more information about the features above, as well as sales and construction progress so stay tuned 🙂