Living in a condo may be the perfect fit; if you are a first time buyer and looking to get into the market, or if you’re looking to downsize your space and responsibilities.

Some perks that may be right for you:

Someone else handles all the outside work: having the freedom from any maintenance

Many costs are shared: funds that are shared in the condo, cover major repairs if needed in your condo

Amenities: condos offer benefits that buying a house necessarily wouldn’t, such as: theatre rooms, gym, swimming pool, party room etc.

Customize: you are free to paint the walls, renovate, and choose freely to style it the way you would like.

Price: it can be more affordable to have a condo instead of a house, because the condo fees may be equal to rent.

Security: condos offer greater security, due to the secure entrance and doorman!

By: Megan Luciano [Director of Marketing]