How Small Businesses Shape a Neighbourhood


    The best part of living in the city is the opportunity to connect with people every day. When living in a neighbourhood rich with small businesses, this is as enjoyable as it is easy.

    Many small businesses welcome their community and spark interest with events, collaborations, and even installations. You can enjoy artwork by local artists while eating at your favourite lunch spot, or celebrate with friends and family at free local festivals hosted and sponsored by neighbourhood businesses.

    The community that is fostered around local business is one that celebrates all its members and brings people together. At any time of the week or month you can find free or inexpensive events of all kinds; something for everyone to get out of the house and participate in, or simply enjoy.


    Small businesses provide us with the opportunity to be part of something bigger, and give back to the community we love.

    Get to know your neighbours as you shop, stroll, and explore the neighbourhood, and know that you are doing your part for your community in your appreciation of local business.



    Obviously every neighbourhood is different, but how can small businesses help a neighbourhood stand out?

    Imagine every aspect of a neighbourhood as swatches in a quilt. Some quilts have several large patches that all look the same, some have a mix-and-match of two or three similar colours, and some are full of detail, pieces of all sizes and colours woven together to create something truly one of a kind. This is what it’s like to live in a neighbourhood with many and varying small businesses. Each piece of the community is bright and unique on its own, (restaurants, galleries, specialty shops, libraries, parks and gardens…) and they all come together to form the particular characteristic setting of a specific area.

    As small businesses are often rare and specialized, people will travel from other areas to experience the distinct feeling of a neighbourhood where many of them converge, and most likely feel a little envious of people who live there. Maybe people like you?  

    There is something extraordinary about the combination of small businesses, historic buildings, and rich culture. Not only do they create an inviting and bustling community, they greatly contribute to the overall charm and allure of the entire city.



    Running multiple errands in the same day can seem stressful and time-consuming, but living in a close-knit community can turn this task into something much more enjoyable.

    Picture stepping out of your home, knowing everything you need is within walking distance. Pick up some fresh produce, groceries, dry cleaning, or any variety of hundreds of specialty items, and you’ve still got plenty of time to explore the community. Why not stop at a local art gallery, grab some dinner and drinks, or catch a show at the local theatre?

    This is the effect that small businesses have on a community. Rather than driving to huge department stores and various locations, you can find everything you need at your fingertips, and more importantly discover more enjoyment in your neighbourhood life. With such a vast array of shops and services, every door opens a unique experience.


    Quality of Service

    Service is the number one thing that sets small businesses apart from large corporations.

    Small business owners are people who know their craft and have sincerely dedicated themselves to it. As a customer, this means you can always rely on excellent quality, service, and expertise when you choose a local specialized company.

    Since these businesses are small, they truly value their customers and will always go the extra mile to accommodate them.

    This system of mutual respect and positive interaction forms a bond between small businesses and the community. These bonds are what diversify a neighbourhood, make it stand out, and give the community a sense of pride and individuality.

    When you feel good about the businesses in your neighbourhood, you undoubtedly feel good about the neighbourhood itself, and the city and people that bring it all together.


    Written By: Grace Mahaffy