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On March 23, 2020, land registration, real estate, and moving services were deemed essential by the Province of Ontario. Our agents will continue to actively assist new and existing clients. Nonetheless, our showing procedures have gone through a process of thoughtful adjustment. We’ve remodeled our standards from A-to-Z to meet the unique demands of the present moment.

We want to minimize risk and provide as much information as possible before conducting physical tours. With access to new data and supportive technologies, we’re choosing thoughtful adjustment over inactivity. Putting your safety first, we utilize these tools and procedures to ensure that only seriously pre-qualified and/or essential showings take place.

Learn more about the best practices we’re adopting to protect our buyer clients.


1. Property Summary Document

We’ve created a custom Property Summary document that offers far greater detail than the standard MLS data sheet. Your agent will be in contact with the listing agent of the subject property to gather as much information as possible prior to booking a tour.


2. Custom Neighbourhood Report

In addition to the Property Summary document, your agent will provide you with a detailed neighbourhood report on the subject property, including information on schools, parks & recreation, transit, safety, and convenience. Our goal is to maximize efficiency by highlighting details that may in fact affect your decision.


3. Virtual Showings

We encourage contactless, virtual showings when data sheets and photographs fail to tell the complete story. Our team is proficient with FaceTime, Skype, Duo, and Zoom and can provide high quality virtual viewings remotely. Simple book a time and your agent will call you into the viewing.


4. Access to 3-D Tours

Many listing agents choose not to develop 3-D Tours for public viewing. We have invested in camera equipment that allows our agents to create seamless digital walkthroughs with no added hassle. With the seller’s permission, your agent can create a file specifically for you. 3-D Tours may provide you with a sense of size, layout, and flow that photographs or virtual showings cannot offer


5. Drive-By Showings

Your agent will ask you to conduct a drive-by viewing before the showing is confirmed. It is important to carefully consider the location of the property and its surroundings before proceeding with a physical tour.


Well Lit Apartment


6. Signing of Disclosure Documents

Our office has developed a list of standard rules and procedures to help mitigate risk and protect all parties involved. We’ll ask you to complete a safety checklist disclosing your current health status and exposure risk prior to a showing confirmation being granted. In addition, your agent will provide you with a signed checklist disclosing their health status and exposure risk.


7. In-Showing Procedures

When booking a showing, we’ll ensure that no other appointments are taking place during the same time block. We’ll also advise the listing agent to keep doors open and lights on whenever possible.

Before entering the property, your agent will instruct you not to touch any hard surfaces. Upon exiting the property, you’ll be asked to thoroughly sanitize or wash your hands. Traditionally, sellers are asked to leave their home during showings to allow for candid discussions between buyers and their agent. That is no longer the case. Please do not be surprised to see the sellers at home.


8. Document Management

We’re working carefully to ensure that paperwork is managed digitally. E-signature will be used exclusively for all documents. Your agent will happily provide training and instruction over a phone call or video chat.


9. Legal Protection

When completing paperwork, you will notice several legal inclusions pertaining to COVID-19 delays and interruptions. We have worked closely with trusted experts to develop a list of custom clauses and conditions to provide yet another form of protection.

Your Blue Panda agent will detail these practices during the early stages of your property search and make all efforts to ensure your safety and comfort.



This article was published on April 13, 2020. We acknowledge the fact that news surrounding COVID-19 changes daily. For the most up-to-date information, please consult your local health officials.