Capital Hall: An investment in our future in more ways than one

You’re imagining a world where you can wake up in the morning, smell the coffee, check your investment in a condo and not have to worry about managing it, leasing it or even the cleanliness of it. No, this is not utopia. This is reality. And it can very well be your reality in as very little as three years.

Whether you’ve always considered investing in a condo and have had a lump sum of cash burning a hole in your bank account, or you’ve just recently decided it was time to make a smart financial decision, this could not have been a better time. An investment idea that surpasses many of the ones you may have encountered in the past will tickle you pink: Capital Hall in Ottawa – made for university students as convenient luxury housing. This is not a simple condominium, it is truly a community of its own.

Designed by M.David Blakely Architect Inc. and created by Ashcroft Homes, this 27-storey brick and stone beauty located at the heart of little Italy is made purposefully to cater to the ever-growing college student population of Carleton University. The numbers don’t lie! They show that over 24,000 of its students cannot find housing on campus. With a growth rate of 18% in the past decade, and no stopping in the horizon, a need for over 500 new beds is created every year! When it comes down to it, a solid investment requires the old adage of supply and demand. Well, in this case, there is no shortage of the demand as students register to the university in overwhelmingly large numbers year after year.

Where do you come in? If you do the simple math – by owning a furnished ready-to-rent condo and leasing it out to this never-ending flow of student population, your cash-flow opportunities are endless and you can sit back and high five yourself for a well-made calculation. Put that aspirin away, as no headaches will plague you with this straightforward investment! That’s right. If you invest today, there is a three-year leaseback fully managed by Envie®, a property management company and one of the 5 partners in this incentive. Trends show that there is a steady growth in real estate prices. If you’ve been waiting to invest, there are no more valid excuses.

“Well, what do I do after three years?” – you ask? Thrdownload (1)ee words for you: Location. Location.
With a tantalizingly short travel distance to Carleton University, there is no lack of interested occupants. Due to this laughably easy 4-6 minute commute that includes a mere 2 minute O-train ride to Carleton University, these students will be able to get to the University faster than it takes them to purchase a textbook online. Combine that with an immense amount of prospective renters and you’ve got yourself a winning formula!

This 329 unit building is currently in preconstruction at 101 Champagne Avenue South and with a scheduled occupancy date of March 2018. The sales for the available 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom (the latter with the option of two bath) units range in price from $179,990 (with monthly leaseback of $1,145) to $339,990 (with monthly leaseback of $2,200)
The indoor common areas where students can lounge and get active

The Goods:


  • 3 years guaranteed rental income
  • Fully furnished student condominiums
  • Professionally cleaned once per month
  • Free assignment, capped development charges and deferred deposit available
  • A 24 hour concierge managed by Envie ® and 24 hour closed circuit camera system
  • 8,000 sq.ft. of amenities including a penthouse kick-back lounge, game room, and stylish lobby lounge
  • Fitness room and bike storage
  • A ground floor retail zone of 4000 sq.ft with groceries, coffee and shops
  • Over 70,000 sq.ft. of direct access to outdoor amenity space including: 13,726 sq.ft of outdoor landscaped courtyard and 56,726 sq.ft. of Tremblay Park
Deposit structure
  • 3,500$ on signing
  • Balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% in 120 days, 5% in 270 days
  • 5% on Occupancy

Maintenance fees : $0.41 Per Sq.Ft. per Month (include Wi-Fi, Heating/Air Conditioning, Water, Upkeep of common areas, building insurance & reserve fund contribution)

A preview of what to expect of the spacious outdoors surrounding Capital Hall

Worried about the college partying affecting your investment? Capital Hall has thought of it all. It has been designed to be more conducive to driven and academically successful students.

From the looks of it, the biggest problem you may face could be that once those students graduate, they might not want to leave. This may sound prophetic, but I imagine that we will see a growing trend of students going down the path of graduate and post-graduate education.

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