Business Culture

Our target agents are looking for a more holistic career experience. They believe that there is a better real estate model if we are only willing to embrace change. They are unconventional and unique. They value independence and choice. They crave ownership over their own lives and their own experiences. Our culture is a haven for disruptors of all kinds. We are searching for anyone with a certain mindset – one devoted to innovation, creativity, and progress. If an agent wants to think outside the box, they’ll find a home with us.

We are creating space for stronger bonds between agents, challenging leadership conventions, and embracing technology that increases efficiency, giving agents and clients more freedom to focus on what’s truly important. Radical independence is about finding purpose. Our independent, collaborative, and inclusive culture makes our brokerage a home for the rebels, change-makers, and progressive thinkers. We do things our way and accept nothing less. You control your experiences. You design every aspect of your life. We’re in real estate, but what we really broker is radical independence.