Fastest growing boutique real estate brokerage in Ottawa

Blue Panda Realty is a boutique-style real estate brokerage that caters to a growing demographic of progressive Ottawans who value unparalleled client service, distinctive design, and technology.

Unlike larger corporate brokerages, we are not restricted to drawing inside the lines and like to think outside the box. Our commitment to a modern, hands-on approach allows us to customize and personalize our clients’ needs.

We further move beyond the conventional corporate model with in-house marketing, technology, and innovation departments that elevate all aspects of our operations.

Our unique, specially designed office, located in the heart of Westboro, contributes to our dynamic culture, which centers on a commitment to excellence by challenging the terms of the existing industry standard. The space is not that of a typical brokerage, instead operating as a hub of activity that brings together agents, clients and the local business community.

In the open marketplace of ideas, innovation and inspired, trusted service always prevail. Blue Panda upholds this spirit in the attempt to construct a new identity for urban real estate in Ottawa. We simply go beyond what is expected.