1. Beautiful Views: Every homeowner wants to live somewhere with a beautiful view that they can admire while doing the dishes in the kitchen or sitting out on the deck.

2. Bedroom Space: We all want a bedroom with enough space to fit that King size bed and have all the drawer space needed, plus a lounging area – because who doesn’t want a nice lounging area in the bedroom? No one wants to go to bed in a tight, over crowded feeling space.

3. Minimalism: Since design is constantly changing – having a universal design, better known as a minimalism design can really benefit you 10 years down the road in the same home. It also helps with the overall feel and look of the house, making a design like that 10x more interesting to purchase.

4. Kitchen Design: We all want ample space in our kitchen, having an island to meal prep and eat up at, is very important. It’s something we are finding our buyers to be very interested in when they are considering buying a house. It is a main feature that everyone wants because it’s a very social space of the house.

5. Lots of Outlets: It really helps to have many outlets in all rooms of a house because we know just how many lamps and technological products we use and need in our homes these days – having outlets provided around is something that is said to be noticed by buyers.

6. Granite Countertops: We are all aware of just how refined and beautiful a granite countertop looks in a kitchen. It is definitely a trending piece to consider when buying a house.

7. Windows: When a room has ample amount of light, provided by a beautiful amount of windows it can really be the make or break of the buying process of a house. Having natural sunlight really enhances the space.