If you are in the market for a new place to live, it helps to keep in mind of the neighborhood that you are living in. You are buying into a neighborhood, so it is very important to find the perfect fit for you. Here are 5 things you may want to consider:

1) Lifestyle
Are you asking yourself if your current lifestyle matches up with the neighborhood you could live in? It’s normal that you gravitate towards a neighborhood that matches your similar demographic.

2) Low Crime Rate
Having a low crime rate neighborhood gives the buyers a sense of ease and calmness, and being weary of safety and security is really important to consider.

3) Walkability
Being able to leave the car back at home and go out to all the amenities that you want to go to by walking is a very attractive feature to consider.

4) Nearby shopping and restaurants
Are you an avid shopper? or a foodie? Making a move into a neighborhood surrounded by great shopping and tasty restaurants will be a deal breaker.

5) Stepping back in time
Finding something about the history of the area, makes the neighborhood more appealing and charming to live in.

By: Megan Luciano [Director of Marketing]